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Chris Sprangers

Chris Sprangers

Vacation Booking Agent, RE Agent, Travel Agent

I began my Vacation Rentals business in the year 2000, remembering years past when I would “hang out” in Newport Beach as a teenager, seeing the weekly rental signs in the windows.

I realized that I could do this too! Our oceanfront beach house would be perfect as a vacation rental. I did some research and start advertising on the internet. I found out vacation rental sites on the internet, (before they became so mainstream!) and researched which might work best for me. It worked out great.

A few years later, a neighbor with a vacation rental website, and asked me to take over her business, so I took over the Vacation Beach Rentals website. I took on more properties, let go of those that didn’t fit into my own business.

My prior experience of years in the hospitality industry served me well in the vacation rental business.

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